Meet Marisa

Hi!  Marisa here! I started this blog so there would be a place for my family to go if they wanted to recreate a family favorite food, dessert, holiday bake, traditional dish, etc… maybe even do a craft.  I hope there are some words of wisdom that rise up but only time will tell.

I became a mom in 2019 and had the opportunity to stay home and “find myself”.  AKA find an answer to the question my husband has been asking me since 2007, “If you didn’t have to work and you had all the time in the world what would you do?”  I never knew what the answer to that question would be and while I don’t have all the time in the world I have been able to explore what it is I like to do.  I have picked up baking, crafts, cooking, exploring my creative side, and working out. 

During this time I have been thinking a lot about what I would like to pass onto my family, what values would be important for them to have, and what skills they would need to navigate their world in their lifetime.  I cannot know what they will be up against but I do know I want them to feel at home in their skin, in their surroundings, and take a moment to enjoy what life is trying to teach them.  The current pace of life is already fast, processed, cookie-cutter and bought; in their lifetime it will only become more so.  I want them to know it is important to respect your body and know what you are putting in it, on it, around it.  This is my attempt to get them to slow down, get rooted and live in the moment. 

These recipes/crafts/life posts may or may not be the quickest but it is the journey I want them to enjoy.  One day when I am no longer with them I hope they read one of these posts, recreate the memory, share the joy of creation with their loved ones, slow down and feel at HOME.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you also enjoy the journey.

A new beginning starts now, lots of love- Marisa