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Felt Flower Mobile

This felt flower mobile craft has been there for me like no other craft. I made one for each of my daughters while I awaited their arrival. I had no idea when either of them would decide to make their appearance in this world. And the wait was hard. The first time around I had started my work leave two weeks before my due date with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs.

That’s when my creative brain got to work and with pieces from my past I made my first felt flower mobile. Then I made this felt flower mobile for my mother-in-law. She had only been asking me to make it for about two years and finally it came to fruition! Sometimes the creative process takes time ;). Then I made one more for our second daughter; that one threw me a couple curveballs trying to get it done. For example, the hoops were different sizes and didn’t really fit nicely within one another. Nothing like coming up with a solution on the fly! I stacked the hoops and nested them so everything would fit. Check out the pic below.

I guess what I am saying is every mobile is unique and special. Go with the flow and see where it takes you. Let’s get started!

Have fun crafting!

Felt Flower Tutorials – How to Make a…

Before getting started check out these felt flower tutorials. Directions on how to make the felt flowers for this craft are linked below. Start here and make as many felt flowers as you like for your felt flower mobile!

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Felt Flower Mobile Materials

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Craft something beautiful!


How to Make a Felt Flower Mobile

Make any space beautiful with your one of a kind felt flower mobile.
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Servings 1 mobile
Author Marisa


  • 1 Scissors
  • 1 Hot glue gun with glue
  • 1 Large mug or circular object with a 5 inch diameter.
  • 1 Pencil


  • 2 12 inch Floral Hoop Wreath Rings
  • 1 8 inch Floral Hoop Wreath Rings
  • 1 bundle Twine 10 – 15 feet needed
  • 3 1 inch craft beads
  • 33 5 by 5 inch pieces of felt color of your choice for the flowers
  • 15 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inch pieces of felt for leaves I used the green shade from this pack
  • 4 pieces Ribbon


Building the Exterior Structure

  • Make as many felt flowers as you like for your felt flower mobile. I made 33 felt flowers using all seven of our templates; 30 were regular size (5 inch diameter) and 3 were mini sized.
    33 5 by 5 inch pieces of felt
  • Templates are available for free download when you sign up for the Marisa Home Newsletter. Sign up above!
  • Let’s make a sphere. Take two 12 inch hoops and slide one within the other making an “X” shape at the top and bottom. The four sides of the sphere should be equal distance from the center.
    2 12 inch Floral Hoop Wreath Rings
  • Secure the bottom “X” with a bit of twine. Tie approximately 10 inches of twine around the bottom “X” like you would wrap a gift with ribbon. Cut the excess twine and hot glue the knot so it doesn’t unravel.
    1 bundle Twine
  • Secure the top "X" with some twine. If you are hanging this felt flower mobile you will want to make sure you have some twine to hang it from.
    1 bundle Twine
  • Cut about 5 feet of twine (more or less depending on where you will hang this and how high or low you want the felt flower mobile to hang).
    1 bundle Twine
  • Wrap the twine around the top “X” like you are wrapping a gift leaving about a foot of twine in the center. This foot of twine will be used to attach the inner hoop.
    1 bundle Twine

Let’s Attach the Felt Flowers

  • You’ve crafted your felt flowers and now it is time to attach them to the outer hoops. Take a moment to plot out where you would like the flowers. With your hot glue gun on stand by, start placing hot glue on the outside and/or inside flat areas of the wooden hoops. Press the back of the flower into the glue and hold until it’s set.
  • Repeat until you have reached your desired look with your felt flowers.
  • TIP: Having a leaf on every felt flower can crowd your design. Craft some flowers without leaves so it doesn’t get too busy.

Building the Interior Hoop

  • Take a moment to plot out where you would like the flowers on the 8 inch hoop. With your hot glue gun on stand by, start placing hot glue on the skinny rim of the wooden hoop. Press the back of the flower into the glue and hold until it's set.
    1 8 inch Floral Hoop Wreath Rings
  • Once you have placed all your flowers start looking for gaps between the two sides that you can hot glue together. This will help to keep the flowers in place and cover up the wooden hoop a bit.
  • TIP: Placing mini flowers in the gaps is really pretty too. So make a couple of the felt flowers in mini size. Cutting the flower templates in thirds or half the size did the trick for me.

Attaching the Two Structures

  • Time to attach the interior hoop to the exterior structure. Now’s the time to use the extra foot of twine.
  • Loop the twine twice around the interior hoop threading the twine in the knot of the exterior hoop each time. Leave about an inch of space between the exterior and interior hoops.
  • Tie off the additional twine to the very top of the structure. Secure the knot with some hot glue and cut off the extra twine.

Finishing Details

  • String three wooden beads through the twine left to hang the mobile. Tie a double knot at the top so the beads don’t move around everywhere.
    3 1 inch craft beads
  • Optional: Hang ribbon from the mobile.
    4 pieces Ribbon
  • Cut four strands of ribbon at various lengths somewhere around 24 inches plus or minus a couple of inches.
  • Fold the ribbon so it is offset. Find four spots, one on each segment of the exterior hoop, place the folded ribbon over the hoop and thread the ends of the ribbon through the ribbon’s loop.
  • Secure the loop with a bit of glue and hold until set.
  • Repeat on the three other segments.
  • Cut the ends of the ribbon with sharp scissors at an angle for a clean look.

There you go! Awesome job! Time to hang it up and enjoy your creation.

What Can Be Composted From This Felt Flower Mobile Craft?

If your felt is made of organic materials, like wool, you can compost the scraps. Thick heavy pieces of felt don’t compost well but if your pieces are small or thin throw them in there.

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