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Felt Flower Dreamcatcher

how to make a dreamcatcher

This felt flower dreamcatcher came to be when I was nine months pregnant with our second child. I knew I wanted a dreamcatcher for her room; we each have one.  So I thought, “Why not try something new?!” 

The web portion of the dreamcatcher needs some practice but it’s a great first attempt.  I incorporated beads from a bracelet I had that was a tribute to my first baby, my dog who passed away in 2018.  Feathers for this craft were forged while on walks with my first born and the second one in womb. As we come across feathers on the sidewalks, beaches or anywhere I save them to use for crafts.  This allows for beautiful memories to be included in something special you will look at everyday. 

Below is a video and step by step on how this dreamcatcher came to be.  I can’t wait to create another one and work on all kinds of web patterns.  It was a lot of fun and I hope you have fun too!

Let’s make something beautiful!

Have fun crafting!

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Felt Flower Tutorials – How to Make…

Check out these felt flower tutorials. Linked below are directions on how to make the felt flowers for this craft. Start here and make as many felt flowers as you like for your felt flower mobile!

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Craft something beautiful!


How to Make a Felt Flower Dreamcatcher

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  • 1 Pair of scissors
  • 1 Hot glue gun with hot glue


  • 1 piece 10 inch wire wreath ring
  • 7 pieces felt flowers
  • 12 feet hemp cord
  • 7 pieces thick yarn roughly cut into 40 inch strands
  • 7 pieces medium yarn roughly cut into 40 inch strands
  • 10 pieces thin yarn roughly cut into 40 inch strands
  • 7 pieces ribbon roughly cut into 40 inch strands
  • 3 pieces feathers
  • 1 piece key


  • Make seven felt flowers of your choice. We have these templates on Marisa Home to choose from: Chrysanthemum, Elegant Rose, Pom Pom, Poppy Ranunculus, Ruffled Rose and Starburst Dahlia. Links for the tutorials are listed right before the directions section.
    7 pieces felt flowers
  • Cut or have on hand a generous amount of hemp cord to string the dreamcatcher’s web. I cut approximately five feet.
    12 feet hemp cord
  • Tie a knot with the cord at the seam of the ring.  We will cover this with felt flowers later.
    1 piece 10 inch wire wreath ring
  • Stretch the cord approximately 4 – 5 inches to tie around the ring.  How to tie: pull the cord over the ring, wrap it around and thread the cord between the ring and the stretched portion of the cord.  You’ll have a simple tie; continue tying the cord around the ring like so until you return to where you started.
  • Second layer of the web.  Tie a single knot on the ring about 2 – 2.5 inches away from your starting point.  This should put you in the middle of the knots of the first string of the web.
  • From there pull the cord in a straight line to the middle of the first piece of web and tie a simple knot. 
  • Pull the cord over and under the first piece of web. Thread the cord between the first string of the web and the newest string of web you just created so the cord stays in place.
  • Pull the cord to the middle of the next section of the web and repeat the simple knot.  Continue threading the cord in the center of the next section of the web until you close in the web. Side note: I added some beads that have special meaning to me and you can too if you like.
  • Close the web with a single knot and cut the excess cord with scissors.
  • Time to add the yarn and ribbon.  I chose three types of yarn and one ribbon to add as a fringe to the dreamcatcher. There are 7 – 10 pieces of each of them; cut about 40 inches in length and folded in half.
    7 pieces thick yarn roughly cut into 40 inch strands, 7 pieces medium yarn roughly cut into 40 inch strands
  • Wrap the loop of the folded yarn/ribbon over and around the top of the ring. Thread the ends of the yarn/ribbon through the folded loop. Tighten the yarn/ribbon and double check that the lengths are even.
    10 pieces thin yarn roughly cut into 40 inch strands, 7 pieces ribbon roughly cut into 40 inch strands
  • Continue adding yarn and ribbon in any pattern you wish until you get the fullness that you want for the fringe of your dreamcatcher.
  • Plot out your felt flowers. Take a moment to plot out the felt flowers to cover the knots of the web.
  • Remove felt flowers. Use one of the thin strands of yarn and tie a knot on the ring at the top of where you want to place your flowers; cut off the excess yarn.
  • Wrap the yarn around the ring covering the metal ring.  You can’t hot glue onto metal so we need this yarn to glue the felt flowers to.  Once you reach the fringe, tie a knot and allow the rest of the yarn to flow into the fringe.
  • Replace the felt flowers back onto the dreamcatcher and start hot gluing all the flowers into place.
  • Time to cut the fringe.  Comb out the fringe so it lays as flat as possible.  Using scissors cut the fringe into a V shape. TIP: Hang the dreamcatcher and cut the V shape into the fringe.
  • Plot out where and which feathers you want to add to your dreamcatcher.
    3 pieces feathers
  • Attaching the feathers.  Pull a thin string of yarn in the area where you plotted your feather. Place a strip of hot glue on the shaft or quill of the feather.  Wrap the thin yarn around the quill and glue ensuring the tip of the feather is pointing down.  Repeat for the two other feathers.
  • Once the hot glue has cooled on the feathers, place another strip of hot glue on the backside of each of the coiled yarn to help prevent unraveling.
  • Add a cute charm. Cut a small piece of yarn and string a key or other charm to be tied onto the dreamcatcher.
    1 piece key
  • Turn the dreamcatcher over so you are looking at the backside.  Inspect the yarn and ribbon for any loose parts; hot glue any loose parts together.
  • You did it!  Enjoy your dreamcatcher!  Great job!

What Can Be Composted From This Felt Flower Dreamcatcher?

Felt made of organic materials, like wool, can be composted. Thick heavy pieces of felt don’t compost well but if your pieces are small or thin throw them in there. Hemp cord is made of natural material and can be tossed in the compost bin. The yarns and ribbon used in this craft are made of natural materials; they too can be composted! Yay!

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