Welcome home! This space is dedicated to recipes, crafts, sustainability and life at home from my perspective. It is perfectly imperfect (just like real life), always under construction (just like real life) and is an extension of me. Who am I you ask? Well… let’s get all comfy cozy and get to know each other.

My name is Marisa and I love puppers, the beach and of course my family. Those all seem pretty typical so what off beat things can I share about myself.

Here We Go!

  • I started this blog so there was a place for my daughter to reference all the things about life when I am no longer around. The goal is to preserve family recipes and teach the little and big lessons of life as best as possible.
  • I have been crafting since about 2001 when I met a very dear friend that convinced me that scrap booking was the bee’s knees. Neither of us have turned away from crafting but instead turned it up a notch, way up!
  • Throughout my entire life I have been working on sustainability. “Don’t be a Water Hog” is the first thing that I remember. But life events like: studying abroad, being broke, buying a house, contracting dermatitis, having a run in with MRSA have all pushed me to live an everyday sustainable life.
  • My Life at Home section is just that; what I have done or am doing at home. I look forward to sharing kitchen tips, working from home tips (been doing the WFH thing since 2015) and things that we are doing to take care of our daughter. Since my daughter is my main focus I have a lot of topics to share; what is elimination communication, mindset shift from working women to stay at home mom, how to build a breast milk stash, and how to prepare financially for baby are a couple thing that come to mind.

Enough about me, what’s on your mind! Want to work together. Have a question. Just want to chat. Me casa es su casa; let’s connect.

Recipes, Crafts, Sustainability + Life at Home

Tomatillo Chile de Arbol Salsa

Tomatillo Chile de Arbol Salsa

This tomatillo chile de arbol salsa is a recipe I got from my brother who got it from our Abuelita.  It is not the salsa my Papi remembers growing up with in Mexico Read More…

Lavender Rose Floral Hoop

Lavender + Rose Floral Hoop

The video is finally ready with the Lavender + Rose floral hoop I made for my daughter’s birthday. This is lined with yarn and ribbon and lightly filled with roses. Read More…

Reusable Produce Bags + Beeswax Food Wrap

I never realized it but since 2003 I have been challenging myself to move towards more ecofriendly ways of life.  Nothing super monolithic Read More…

Home Office Essentials

In 2015 I was part of a large layoff at an engineering firm and found myself without a job.  Luckily another job offer presented itself but it came with a lot of unknowns; namely working from home and being an independent contractor.  Read More…