Abuelita’s Flautas

For my bridal shower the party asked each guest to bring a favorite recipe to share with me.  It could be anything; desserts, main dishes, sides, family secrets, etc…!  I am so grateful they did this as I now have a bunch of family favorite recipes to discover.   When the recipe from my Abuelita came [...]

Sage Lemonade

I look forward to my daughter reminiscing about her summer days as a kid and remembering something that will make her smile. My husband had a childhood moment the other day when picking oranges off our tree; he stood there silently enjoying the orange in the sun with the sprinkler going. He didn't say anything [...]

Hot + Spicy Shrimp w/ Grits

This recipe comes from my husband’s grandpa.  The family would make it for pool parties dating way back.  I was fortunate to join in on the festivities as of 2007 and try this yummy concoction.  No one ever measured anything; it’s prepared by eyeing it.  I’ve done my best to recreate the dish with measurements [...]

Arrachera Tacos

I remember having arracheras every time we went back to see my dad’s family.  We would have a family barbeque a couple times during our stay and these lovelies would always be there, among a lot of other tasty dishes I look forward to discovering and making.  This is a very easy dish you just [...]

Red Rose Hoop

The second floral hoop I made for my daughter’s birthday was lightly filled with roses and made a little differently than the Baby’s Breath Hoop.  I am still working on a video for the Lavender Rose Hoop I made using another technique.  It is taking a while to complete the video because I just figured [...]

Home Office Essentials

In 2015 I was part of a large layoff at an engineering firm and found myself without a job.  Luckily another job offer presented itself but it came with a lot of unknowns; namely working from home and being an independent contractor.  I didn’t know many other Project Managers in the same situation so I [...]

Journal Entry 1

A story that I heard while in a prenatal yoga class keeps playing in my head. It is beautiful to think about while transitioning to motherhood and I believe it may be relevant to many people now.I will paraphrase and have forgotten the exact words but the meaning is strong. I may not do the [...]

Baby’s Breath Hoop

In preparing for my daughter's first birthday I made a couple of floral hoops for decoration. It was a lot of fun making these and I had some interest on how they were made and if I were selling them. So... I am working on a how to video and I plan on making more [...]