Giving Thanks Plate Craft

giving thanks plate craft

The day has come where I can make this Giving Thanks Plate Craft! I made something similar back in 2010 for our GiGi with the youngest family member’s hand as the main turkey and the rest of the family’s thumbprints as little turkeys. At that point I knew I wanted one for my family once one came to fruition. That day has come and I jumped on it with a quickness! It is such a sweet craft you will look upon fondly every year. I’m thinking as the little ones get older they can color in their hand print and over the years we can add their growing thumbprints as little turkeys. I can’t wait to see how it grows over the years. But then again I can because that means they will no longer be my little babies!

Giving Thanks Plate circa 2010 with thumbprints made into turkeys

Get creative with your design and tag me (@home.marisa) on Instagram so I can see your special creations!

Have fun crafting!

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Giving Thanks Plate Craft Materials

thanksgiving crafts for family


  1. Find a flat surface to work on. Make sure your plate is clean and dry. Preheat the oven to 350° F.
  2. Get everyone involved! Have them come by and pick out a color from the permanent markers. Decide how you will design the turkey. Will you layer handprints like we did? Or do you like one main handprint as the turkey and thumbprints as mini turkeys?
  3. Trace each hand with their selected marker. Let the marker dry between tracing each hand. If you are embellishing the design, take turns and allow the marker to dry before continuing.
  4. Write out your saying. Here’s a couple ideas: Give Thanks; Happy Thanksgiving; Better with Gravy; Thankful; The {Insert Your Name Here} Family; Gobble Gobble; draw a garland of foliage; etc…. Get creative and have fun!
  5. Once you are done, pop the plate in the oven for 30 minutes and your design will be permanent.
  6. Place the Giving Thanks Plate Craft on the mantle, sideboard, hutch, anywhere and enjoy your creation!

Do You Need to Erase the Marker

Don’t fret if your design needs some tweaking. Say a toddler gets really excited, grabs a marker and starts scribbling on the plate (may have happened here!). That is OK! You can easily erase any additional markings you don’t want permanent with a little water and a Q-tip. Easy-peasy! Just do it before baking!

What Can Be Composted From This Giving Thanks Plate Craft?

Nothing needs to be composted! 😉

giving thanks plate craft decor

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