How to Make a Witch’s Broom

how to make a witch's broom

Let’s make a Witch’s Broom! Our daughter wanted to be Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service one year for Halloween. I searched everywhere online for a good witch’s broom and even bought one. I was so disappointed, it fell apart leaving burrs of broken straw everywhere. The handle was never going to make it through a Halloween night; let alone the antics of a three year old. Things are just not built the same as they used to. Oh no! I am showing my age! LOL! Luckily there still are artisans and your own crafty hands that can get the project done. So I set out to make our own Witch’s Broom!

If you are looking to make a one of a kind, sturdy, adorable Witch’s Broom you are in the right place! I had tons of fun make this and she has a blast pretending to fly all over the place. We used it as a prop for her Kiki’s Delivery Service Birthday Party too. So cute! Grab your materials, watch the video and…

Let’s make something beautiful!

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DIY broomstick

How to Make a Witch’s Broom

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  • 1 Pair of scissors
  • 1 Hot glue gun with hot glue


  • 1 piece broomstick or large branch any color, approximately 4 feet in length
  • 2 bags Long Natural Raffia (straw) any color; we will use approximately 300 cu. in.; get two bags so you know you have enough.
  • 15 feet Twine approximate
  • 1 piece Cream colored felt 24 inch by 2 inches


  • Turn on hot glue gun with hot glue
  • Start with a large sheet of 1 piece Cream colored felt; 36 inches x 36 inches, cut a 24 inch by 2 inch piece of felt from the sheet.
    1 piece Cream colored felt
  • Open one bag of the 2 bags Long Natural Raffia (straw) and cut it into 18 inch strips. Highly suggest cutting the straw as you use it to avoid getting overwhelmed by straw all over your craft area.
    2 bags Long Natural Raffia (straw)
  • In a 3 – 4 inch section of the cream felt place loads of hot glue. Press the straw onto the glue until it sticks.
  • Continue hot gluing straw onto the felt to your desired fullness.
  • Time to see if the felt strip of straw fits onto the 1 piece broomstick or large branch. Lay out the felt strip of straw with the felt side up. Place the broomstick on one side of the felt strip of straw and start rolling it up onto the broomstick.
    1 piece broomstick or large branch
  • If it is too thick where the felt is then cut a portion of felt and straw off, glue on more straw to the remaining felt strip if desired.
  • Roll up the felt strip of straw again onto the broomstick to see if the thickness is more preferable.
  • Let's hot glue the felt strip of straw onto the broomstick. Position the broomstick onto the felt strip of straw leaving about 5 – 6 inches of straw hanging past the bottom of the broomstick.
  • Add hot glue to the felt portion of the strip of straw in two inch sections so you can roll it up onto the broomstick. Continue gluing the felt strip of straw onto the broomstick until you reach the end. Allow the hot glue to cool before continuing.
  • Time to synch and finish the witch's broom with about 15 feet Twine. We will wrap the twine around the felt, hiding any felt and tightening the straw onto the broomstick.
    15 feet Twine
  • Wrap the twine around the felt portion of the witch's broom leaving about 8 inches of twine at the very beginning. We will use this portion for a cute little bow later. The video doesn't show this because I didn't think about it until after I had already started but the effect will be the same.
  • Synch the twine as tightly as possible as you wrap it around the witch's broom. This will help secure the straw and make a nice shape to the broom.
  • Wrapping the twine from top to bottom may cause the felt strip of straw to shift. Instead wrap the twine at the top, middle then bottom so the straw doesn't shift and that area can be the same size.
  • Keep wrapping the twine around until you have covered the felt.
  • Finish wrapping the twine so you are back at the top with the 8 inches of twine at the beginning. Tie the two pieces of twine together into a bow and hot glue the back of the knot onto the broom to keep it secure. Cut the lengths of the bow to your desired size.
  • Let's clean up the straw. Trim the top of the straw so it's a bit cleaned up. Give the bottom of the straw a "haircut" so there aren't any straggling pieces. Cut the straw leaving about 4 inches of straw hanging past the bottom of the broomstick.
  • Brush out the straw with your hands to get loose pieces and viola your witch's broom is done!
how to make my own witch broom

What Can Be Composted From This Witch’s Broom Craft?

If your felt is made of organic materials, like wool, you can compost the scraps. Thick heavy pieces of felt don’t compost well but if your pieces are small or thin throw them in there.

Raffia (straw), if natural, can be composted. Natural raffia is harvested from the leaves of palm trees making it a great candidate for composting. However, if you dyed the raffia double check your dye to make sure it is all natural. Synthetic dyes cannot be composted. There are synthetic raffia options made of plastic which cannot be composted. Make sure to double check your selection if you are interested in composting leftovers.

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