Wine Cork Bats

corked bats

These Wine Cork Bats are a fun, simple craft to get you in the Halloween spirit! One day while staring at some wine corks I got inspired to craft these bats up. I love repurposing things already around the house. I had scraps of felt, buttons, twine, and D rings just waiting to get morphed into something beautiful. Make a single ornament, hang them from differing lengths or make a wall hanging cauldron of bats. Did you know a group of bats can be called a cauldron? I had no idea until now! How fitting! Get inspired, get creative and make something beautiful!

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wine cork bats

How to Make Wine Cork Bats

Wine Cork Bats are a cute, simple decoration to add to the spirit of Halloween or even your Christmas tree. Let's get creative!
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  • 1 Scissors
  • 1 Hot glue gun with glue
  • 1 Piece of chalk


  • 1 piece Ribbon any color, use for making an ornament
  • 2 pieces Buttons any color and size that fits on wine cork
  • 1 piece Eye pin
  • 1 unit Bat wing stencil
  • 1 piece Black felt 5 inch x 2 inch, any color
  • 4 pieces Twine various lengths to your preference
  • 1 piece D ring use for making a wall hanging
  • 1 unit Wine cork
  • 1 unit Black paint and small paint brush optional for sleep eye bats


  • Download the bat wing stencil; you can find the stencil in the materials section above. Print the bat wing stencil onto a thick piece of paper and cut the stencil out with scissors.
    1 unit Bat wing stencil
    Simple Bat Stencil
  • Turn on the hot glue gun with glue.
  • Trace the bat stencil with chalk onto the felt and cut out with scissors.
    1 piece Black felt
    Mark Out Bat Wings Stencil
  • Place a strip of hot glue onto the center of the bat wings under the bat's ears and press the wine cork onto the hot glue.
    1 unit Wine cork
  • Positioning the wings for a flying bat. For a flying bat, leave the wings open. When pressing the wine cork onto the hot glue I like to pull the hot glue to the sides just a bit so the wings aren't completely flat but curve with the wine cork to look like it's flapping.
  • Time to hot glue some buttons as the bat's eyes. Find two buttons that will fit onto the wine cork. If the buttons have flat backs go ahead and place hot glue on the back of the button and place onto the wine cork. If the buttons have an eye sticking out (like shown in the video) use a corkscrew to make a pocket for the button's eye. Place hot glue onto the pocket and insert the eye of the button into the pocket.
    2 pieces Buttons
  • Sleepy eye bat option. If you would like your bat to have sleepy eyes, use black paint and with a small paint brush draw U-shaped eyelids.
    1 unit Black paint and small paint brush
  • If you would like to create a wrapped up sleeping bat after you complete the eyes; place a little bit of hot glue on the tip of one wing and press onto the opposite side of the wine cork. Then place a little bit of hot glue onto the tip of the other wing and wrap it across the wine cork and press it down. The bat will look like it is hugging itself 🙂
    Hugging Wine Cork Bat
  • "Batman" wing option. If you would like a more relaxed bat the "Batman" wings will be a good option. Place an eighth of an inch line of hot glue onto the base of the wine cork where the bat's feet would be. Press the tips of the bat wings into the hot glue and allow to dry.
    Batman Wine Cork Bat
  • Your Wine Cork Bat is all done if you would like it to stand on its own.
    All Done Sleeping Wine Cork Bat
  • If you would like to make your Wine Cork Bat into an ornament or wall hanging, screw an eye pin into the top or bottom of the wine cork depending on how you want it orientated.
    1 piece Eye pin
  • Wine Cork Bat Ornament Option: Thread your choice of ribbon and you got yourself a Wine Cork Bat Ornament!
    1 piece Ribbon
    Wine Cork Bat Ornament

Wine Cork Bat Wall Hanging

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  • 1 Pair of scissors
  • 1 Hot glue gun with hot glue


  • 4 pieces Twine various lengths to your preference
  • 1 unit D Ring
  • 7 units Wine Cork Bats


  • Make seven Wine Cork Bats. Please see "How to Make a Wine Cork Bat" step by step tutorial above.
    Seven Wine Cork Bats
  • Cut four pieces of twine at various lengths. Three of the pieces will be folded in half, one piece will not.
    4 pieces Twine various lengths to your preference
  • Fold one piece of twine so it has different lengths. Loop the twine at its fold around the flat edge of the D ring. Repeat this step with the two longer pieces of twine so you end up with six stands of twine hanging from the D ring.
    1 unit D Ring
    Twine Around D Ring
  • Tie the last piece of twine as a single strand into a knot onto the D ring. You should have seven strands of twine.
  • Inspect the lengths of twine and plot out where you want your Wine Cork Bats. Cut or reposition your twine so you have the lengths you want.
  • Twine can unravel easily; in order to thread it through the eye pin place a little bit of hot glue onto the end. Let the glue cool a bit before twisting it onto the twine so your fingers don't get burned. The glue will keep the twine together and should make it thinner so you can thread the twine through the eye pin.
  • Thread twine through eye pin and tie into a knot. Cut excess twine and place a little bit of hot glue on the knot so it doesn't unravel. Repeat this step for the seven Wine Cork Bats.
    7 units Wine Cork Bats
  • Time to clean up the D ring. Cut approximately 15 inches of twine. We are going to wrap the twine around the flat edge of the D ring covering up and securing the twine strings in place.
  • Turn the D ring so the back side is facing you. Place a small dot of hot glue on the last piece of twine on the very left.
    Glue twine on back of d ring
  • Wrap the twine around the D ring moving from left to right, incorporate the strings of twine as you go.
  • Once you have reached the right side of the D ring, double back the twine to the left placing the twine in spots where the twine is thin so it can look cleaner and more uniform.
  • Once you reach the left side of the D ring again secure the twine with some hot glue and cut off the excess twine.
  • Enjoy your cauldron of bats and hang them up to be admired!

What Can Be Composted From This Wine Cork Bat Craft?

If your felt is made of organic materials, like wool, you can compost the scraps. Thick heavy pieces of felt don’t compost well but if your pieces are small or thin throw them in there.

Wine corks can be composted too as long as they are made from natural cork not plastic. It takes a good couple of years to break down but they make great dry, aerating material for your compost bin.

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