Sage Lemonade

I look forward to my daughter reminiscing about her summer days as a kid and remembering something that will make her smile. My husband had a childhood moment the other day when picking oranges off our tree; he stood there silently enjoying the orange in the sun with the sprinkler going. He didn't say anything [...]

Hot + Spicy Shrimp w/ Grits

This recipe comes from my husband’s grandpa.  The family would make it for pool parties dating way back.  I was fortunate to join in on the festivities as of 2007 and try this yummy concoction.  No one ever measured anything; it’s prepared by eyeing it.  I’ve done my best to recreate the dish with measurements [...]

Journal Entry 1

A story that I heard while in a prenatal yoga class keeps playing in my head. It is beautiful to think about while transitioning to motherhood and I believe it may be relevant to many people now.I will paraphrase and have forgotten the exact words but the meaning is strong. I may not do the [...]

Pear + Walnut Muffins

I came up with this idea one day when my daughter wouldn’t eat her pears. She was having tummy issues and we really needed her to eat them to help with digestion.  I am not sure if muffins are the answer to tummy issues but it made me feel good as a mom that she [...]

Vegan Veggie Cakes

The original purpose of this website was to share family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.  As I am embarking on this journey I have realized that I have not shared how my current family and I eat on a regular basis.  That is what my daughter will remember when she [...]

Horn Cookies

Horn cookies are a staple in my husband’s family for as long as they can remember.  Stories of Grandma Erica circle around every Christmas.   Stories about how she had the kids take turns mixing the dough with a wooden paddle and had them patiently form each little cookie instead of making a couple big ones.  [...]

Reusable Produce Bags + Beeswax Food Wrap

My 2020 New Year’s Resolution  I never realized it but since 2003 I have been challenging myself to move towards more ecofriendly ways of life.  Nothing super monolithic like building an ecofriendly house from scratch (even though that would be AMAZING!); just swapping out ordinary everyday things for more eco-conscience everyday things.  Every year I [...]

Andouille Sausage + Turkey Gumbo

This is my husband’s love.  He has been making and perfecting this recipe since 2013; his father since 2010, and his uncle since way before that!  My husband and I started dating in 2007 and I remember his uncle having us over for gumbo the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It has become a tradition to always [...]