How to Make a Poppy Felt Flower

Poppy Felt Flower Craft

We are starting the second half of the easy DIY felt flower posts; next up is the poppy felt flower! The poppy brings a large, open feeling to the seven floral tutorials in store for us. It is seriously one of my favorites for crafts. I like to add them to pretty much all the felt floral crafts I do; wreaths, mobiles, dreamcatchers, etc…. You should give them a try! There are a couple tutorials coming up to get your creativity going and I can’t wait to share them!

The How to Make a Felt Flower Birthday Banner and How to Make a Felt Flower Mobile tutorials are up, check them out! Stay tuned for how to make a dreamcatcher with felt flowers! And who knows what else may be dreamed up!

Have fun crafting!

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Poppy Felt Flower Materials

fabric poppy flowers

Let’s Start with Some Simple Leaves

Find a flat surface to work on. Turn on the hot glue gun so it’s ready to go when you need it.

  1. Grab the 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 piece of felt and cut in a convex arch from one corner to the opposite corner. Repeat the convex arch back to the original corner. You now have a simple leaf.

Building the Poppy Felt Flower

  1. Lay out your 5 x 5 inch piece of felt. Cut the square into fours by folding in half and cutting into two pieces. Fold the pieces in half again for fourths and cut for four squares.
  1. Select one of the squares to shape into your petal template. Cut a wide elongated “W” or “M” at the top of the felt square. At the bottom of the felt square about a quarter of an inch from the left and right edges cut a straight line to the edge of the “W” or “M”. You now have a petal.
  2. Repeat Step 2 for the other three felt squares.
  1. Let’s build the shape of each petal. Take one petal, pinch the bottom outsides to the center so you have a “W” crimp of felt. Place hot glue between each of the crimps. Hold the crimp together until dry so the shape of the petal is secure.
  2. Repeat Step 4 for the other three petals.

Time to Put the Poppy Felt Flower Together

  1. Stage the bottom of each of the petals together to create a square shape. You want the petals to be as close together as possible.
  1. Hot glue two of the petals together at a 90 degree angle at the base; hold these pieces together until dry. Hot glue the remaining two petals together at a 90 degree angle at the base; hold until dry.
  2. Time to put the two sets of petals together with hot glue in the center; holding everything together until it dries.
  1. Let’s glue on the stamen. Place hot glue on top of the square center of the poppy. Take your 3 inches of ruffled silk ribbon, bunch it up and place on top of the hot glue. Hold this together until it dries.
  1. Load up some hot glue on a corner of the leaf then place the poppy on top. Once dry you have your poppy felt flower!

Make just one or as many poppy felt flowers you like for the craft you are dreaming up!

What Can Be Composted From This Poppy Felt Flower Craft?

If your felt is made of organic materials, like wool, you can compost the scraps. Thick heavy pieces of felt don’t compost well but if your pieces are small or thin throw them in there.

felt poppy tutorial

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  1. Hi Marie! Thank you for the feedback on these poppies! I hope your group finds it helpful and their poppies turn out beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much for this easy and beautiful tutorial on making felt poppies. I am the director of the Moina Michael Poppy Project. Moina Michael is the lady who came up with the idea of using red poppies as a symbol of remembrance for fallen service men after WWI. I am sharing your video with my group. Thank you again.

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