Felt Flower Birthday Banner

felt flower birthday banner

Last year I made some floral hoops for our daughter’s birthday. This year I made this super cute felt flower birthday banner! I am excited about this banner because we can use this for any and all birthdays. It is totally timeless and beautiful. It was fun to make as well!

You don’t have to make this into a Happy Birthday banner; use any verse, saying, etc… to make this a unique banner for your event or space. Experiment with crafting various felt flowers. We have five tutorials on the blog with a couple more coming out soon; so stay tuned!

I made the felt flower birthday banner saying with the Silhouette but you don’t have to if you don’t have it or something similar. You can paint on your saying freehand or sketch it on then paint over. And if there is another way that you are comfortable getting your saying on the banner then make it happen that way! I hope you have a lot of fun with this craft and make it special.

Have fun crafting!

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Felt Flower Birthday Banner Materials

flower decoration for birthday party at home

Directions for the Felt Flower Birthday Banner

Find a solid, flat surface to work on and turn on the hot glue gun.

  1. Unwrap your cross stitch cloth. It’s not shown in the video but I did iron the fabric to get out all the wrinkles.
  2. Cut a chevron/elongated triangle shape at the bottom of the cross stitch cloth. Mark out the top of the chevron by measuring 3 inches from the bottom in the center of the cloth. Using a ruler mark out from that center point to the bottom corners of the fabric. Cut along the markings to create the banner shape.
  1. Wrap the top of the cross stitch fabric tightly around the wood log/stick. Hot glue down 4 – 5 points where the edge of the fabric meets the rest of the fabric.

Let’s Dress Up the Piece

  1. Tie the thin piece of yarn (approximately 48 inches in length) to the wood log/stick on either side of the fabric creating a string in which the banner can hang from. Allow about a 5 inch gap between the center of the stick and the center of the string.
    • Note: All the yarn and ribbon can be cut to a length that you desire for the craft. I am using approximate length sizes for the banner that was created for this tutorial to provide a starting place.
  1. Tie the medium and thick pieces of yarn to either side of the banner, inside the hanging string so they do not move unnecessarily. Off set the tips of the yarn if you like so they are not the same length.
  2. Thread the ribbon to the underside of the hanging string not around the stick so the ribbon doesn’t over power the yarn or stick. Tie the ribbon in a knot.
  1. Hot glue on the 3 – 5 felt flowers you made to the upper left or right corners of the banner in your desired layout.

Felt Flower Birthday Banner is Prepped, Time for the Saying

For this craft I used Silhouette to create the vinyl Happy Birthday sticker. This post is not about how to use the Silhouette so I am going to assume you know how to use it. Though I may do a post another time on how to get started and use the Silhouette…hmmm, something to think about!

Feel free to download the file for the Happy Birthday sticker (can only open file in Silhouette Studio) I created to use for your banner. You also can customize your banner with any verbiage you like. Are you making this for a Baby Shower? Bridal Shower? Milestone birthday? A kid’s room? Office decor? Get creative and make it happen! I’d love to see your creations so please tag me, @home.marisa, on Instagram so I can check it out.

Don’t have a Silhouette? No worries! Sketch out your saying and paint over it. That was my original plan until I decided to give the Silhouette a try.

flower birthday decoration ideas

Directions for Silhouette Vinyl Saying

  1. Download Happy Birthday file and upload to Silhouette Studio. Or create your own saying in Silhouette Studio.
  2. Send the file to be printed making sure that under the page setup section you select “None” for cutting mat. Under the Send section select Vinyl, Matte for your Material, Cut for your Action, and AutoBlade for your Tool.
  3. Once the cut out is ready carefully pull back the extra vinyl with any tools that help you get the job done. Take your time and exercise patience, the Berlian script for Happy is very delicate which requires some finesse while removing the extra vinyl.
  4. Cut a piece of transfer paper to fit the saying and place the transfer paper on top. Press the transfer paper onto the vinyl saying with the scraper tool really well so it will transfer onto the banner completely.
  1. Delicately pull back the transfer paper and place the saying on the banner in your preferred location.
    • For this project I placed the Happy Birthday phrase in the lower right hand corner. Measuring 5 inches from the bottom tip of the banner to the base of the letters. And about 1 inch in from the right side of the banner. Take your time in placing the saying because you can only do it once; unless you want to recreate the saying! 😉
  2. Once the saying is placed, take the scraper and press the vinyl into place.

Time to Inspect the Felt Flower Birthday Banner

Step back and inspect your creation! Do you need to trim the yarn or ribbon? Iron out any wrinkles in the fabric? Be careful not to iron over the vinyl it will warp. Want to add more felt flowers now is the time. Time to hang up and enjoy your felt flower banner! Job well done!

What Can Be Composted From This Felt Flower Birthday Banner?

If your felt and fabric are made of organic materials, like wool or cotton, you can compost the scraps. Thick heavy pieces don’t compost well but if your pieces are small or thin throw them in there. All compost piles should have 50% dry and 50% wet materials to keep it decomposing properly with minimal stink and interest from pests.  Happy crafting!

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