Lavender + Rose Floral Hoop

The video is finally ready with the Lavender + Rose floral hoop I made for my daughter’s birthday.  This is lined with yarn and ribbon and lightly filled with roses.  I made this a little differently than the Baby’s Breath Floral Hoop and Red Rose Floral Hoop.  It took a while to complete the video but I learned so much and I am glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone.  I feel like that has been my mantra this year; get uncomfortable and do something like never before!

I hope this Lavender + Rose floral hoop video helps with the other hoops previously posted. There was a little glitch that happened but I walk you through the steps to hopefully get you to the end result.  An outline of the process is below as well.

Have fun crafting!

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Lavender + Rose Floral Hoop Materials


Find a flat surface to work on. Turn on the hot glue gun because you never know when it will come in handy.  I always like my glue gun to be on standby just in case.

Cut each of the yarns and ribbon into 24 inch strands. 

  • 15 – 20 pieces of thick yarn cut into 24 inch strands
  • 15 – 20 pieces of medium yarn cut into 24 inch strands
  • 30 pieces of thin yarn cut into 24 inch strands
  • 7 – 10 pieces of 5/8 inch ribbon cut into 24 inch strands

Set the strands aside and get out the metal hoop; then find the seam of the hoop so it can be covered with the yarn.  Start placing yarn in your preferred pattern on the lower half of the hoop, it should look something like this.

How to loop the strands around the hoop:

  1. Fold strand in half.
  2. Place the looped section of the strand on top of the hoop.
  3. Fold looped section under the hoop.
  4. Slide the loose ends of the strand inside the looped section.
  5. Pull strands through.

Each strand should look like this.

How to attach the lavender:

  1. Grab a bundle of 5 – 7 lavender sprigs.
  2. Pinch off excess stem; leaving about 5 – 6 inches.  Enough stem to be able to place within the loops of yarn and ribbon but not too much that the lavender won’t lay the way you want.  The lavender is dried so it will not bend nicely around the hoop.
  3. Loosen up 4 – 5 loops of yarn and ribbon.
  4. Place bundle of lavender through loops hiding the stems.
  5. Tighten the loops.
  6. Pinch off any excess stem.

When you are working through these steps it should look something like this.  Leave about 5 pieces of yarn at the very left and very right sides so the first sprigs of lavender you attach have backing.

Continuing adding lavender on the left and right sides of the hoop until they meet in the middle.  Once you are finished step back to inspect symmetry; add more lavender if necessary.

How to attach the roses:

  1. Cut 2 of the rose stems to 5 – 6 inches in length. 
  2. Weave one rose stem with the bud on the right side like you did the lavender by placing the stem within the hoops of the yarn.
  3. Weave the second rose stem with the bud on the left side through the yarn as well.
  4. Hot glue down the yarn that you woven the stems through to secure the roses.
  5. Cut 3 of the rose buds with about an inch of stem.
  6. Put a whole bunch of hot glue on the stem of the buds and place the glue and stem on any part of the yarn or stem of the woven roses.  Work from the outside in for the 3 buds.
  7. If your 6 inch stems did not have leaves you can add leaves at this point by putting hot glue on a portion of the leaf and attaching it to the stems of the roses.
*Please note the glue will not stick to the metal hoop. * 

Time to Inspect and Secure the Yarn + Ribbon

You have come so far and spent some good time on this project it is now time to secure everything so it doesn’t come apart.  

  1. Take a moment to inspect all loose pieces of yarn and ribbon and secure them with hot glue. 
  2. Place a dollop of hot glue where the yarn or ribbon folds over itself. 
  3. Pull the yarn or ribbon tight and hold until the hot glue sets.
  4. Glue down all pieces of yarn that are holding the lavender and roses to ensure those pieces are secure.

Once you are done inspect your creation, cut back any undesired stems, yarn and ribbon and hang that sucker up on the wall, good job!

What Can Be Composted From This Lavender + Rose Floral Hoop?

All the leftover rose and lavender stems can be composted. All compost piles should have 50% dry and 50% wet materials to keep it decomposing properly with minimal stink and interest from pests.  Sticks in a compost pile are very helpful with aeration too!  Happy crafting!

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