Baby’s Breath Floral Hoop

I have a couple floral hoop crafts in the process for you. In preparing for my daughter’s first birthday I made this Baby’s Breath floral hoop for decoration. It was a lot of fun crafting these and I had some interest on how they were made and if I were selling them. So… I am working on a how to craft a floral hoop video and I plan on making more for sale! Yay!

In the meantime I thought I would share this baby’s breath floral hoop and the basics on how I made it. Unfortunately I did not have the foresight to take process pictures but hopefully the video I am preparing will help out. Check back in soon!

Video update: The Lavender + Rose Floral Hoop Video is up, check it out!

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Baby’s Breath Floral Hoop Materials


  1. Find a flat surface to work on. Turn on the hot glue gun. I always like my glue gun to be on standby just in case.
  2. Place hoop on the surface and start plotting out where the baby’s breath should be placed.
  3. Cut a really long ribbon, about 6 feet in length.
  4. With your garden shears cut the first bundle of baby’s breath leaving only an inch or two of stem. Since the baby’s breath is dried it will be fragile and won’t bend easily but it will give a bit. Don’t leave a lot of stem that you will have to work around.
  5. Secure the baby’s breath to the hoop with the ribbon. I used the center of the ribbon (at the 3 foot mark) as the first point of contact with the hoop and baby’s breath. Starting from the front, wrap the ribbon around the hoop and the part of the stem that has contact with the hoop. You should have 3 feet of ribbon on either side of the hoop. Then crisscross the ribbon in the back and the front wrapping the hoop and the stem that has contact with the hoop.
  6. Dab a bit of hot glue on the ribbon and crisscross in the back once more; allow the glue to dry. This is your first point of security. I like to have that in place in case I need to walk away from the project it won’t unravel.
  7. * Please note that the glue will not stick to the metal hoop. *

Keep Going, You are on a Roll

  1. Cut and place the second bundle of baby’s breath and continue wrapping the hoop and parts of the stem that has contact with the hoop. Since the ribbon is so long it will take time and patience to find the right parts to wrap and make sure the baby’s breath doesn’t fall off but know that it is possible and will happen if you stick with it. I like to use it as my time to meditate.
  2. Continue with adding bundles of baby’s breath and wrapping with the ribbon. Take time in placing the baby’s breath; if for some reason that particular stem isn’t working move on to another one. Each one serves their purpose and will be used as needed.
  3. Dab a bit of hot glue on the ribbon whenever it is necessary; secure the two parts of the ribbon together and hold it until it is dry.
  4. Once you are done with adding all the baby’s breath you want (I went around the hoop half way) dab a bit of hot glue to make the last point of security. You should have enough ribbon to make a pretty bow. Cut the ends of the ribbon to the length you like and voila the floral hoop craft is complete!

What Can Be Composted From This Baby’s Breath Floral Hoop?

All the leftover baby’s breath pieces can be composted. All compost piles should have 50% dry and 50% wet materials to keep it decomposing properly with minimal stink and interest from pests. Happy crafting!

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