Abuelita’s Flautas

For my bridal shower the party asked each guest to bring a favorite recipe to share with me.  It could be anything; desserts, main dishes, sides, family secrets, etc…!  I am so grateful they did this as I now have a bunch of family favorite recipes to discover.   When the recipe from my Abuelita came [...]

Hot + Spicy Shrimp w/ Grits

This recipe comes from my husband’s grandpa.  The family would make it for pool parties dating way back.  I was fortunate to join in on the festivities as of 2007 and try this yummy concoction.  No one ever measured anything; it’s prepared by eyeing it.  I’ve done my best to recreate the dish with measurements [...]

Arrachera Tacos

I remember having arracheras every time we went back to see my dad’s family.  We would have a family barbeque a couple times during our stay and these lovelies would always be there, among a lot of other tasty dishes I look forward to discovering and making.  This is a very easy dish you just [...]

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

My love for banana bread started in college with the best roommates ever! There’s an inside joke surrounding this wonderful loaf but it’s one of those you had to be there type of moments that will live with me forever. Since my college days I have tried multiple iterations of this awesome bread and finally came up with what I believe is the best recipe out there. It is moist, fluffy and just the right amount of chocolate if that is your thing; if it’s not just leave them out. I think every family should have banana bread in their recipe book and I look forward to my family passing this down and hope yours does as well.