Reusable Produce Bags + Beeswax Food Wrap

My 2020 New Year’s Resolution 

I never realized it but since 2003 I have been challenging myself to move towards more ecofriendly ways of life.  Nothing super monolithic like building an ecofriendly house from scratch (even though that would be AMAZING!); just swapping out ordinary everyday things for more eco-conscience everyday things.  Every year I make one, two, maybe three swaps and try to stick with it so it becomes a new habit.  In the past I tried to do a whole bunch of swaps at once but found it was too hard to remember, too expensive, and with so many at once I was never successful with any of them.  Unconsciously I ditched the full eco-makeover and changed my mindset; this is a revitalized lifestyle and it will take time to adapt and create new habits.  And so the little everyday changes began; each one adds up and my husband doesn’t really notice all the “crazy” changes and he too started to adopt the swaps.  Yay!

This year’s everyday swap is using Reusable Produce Bags instead of the plastic bags at the grocery store and Beeswax Food Wrap instead of so many plastic sandwich bags or cling wrap.

Plastic bags bother me, they always have and it wasn’t until this year that I finally pulled the trigger to get reusable produce bags.  Not sure why I had the mindset that I HAD to use the grocery store produce bags but it was there.  The new bags have already been put to use, no weird looks were received while checking out, and it feels good knowing that no additional plastic bags are making their way into the ecosystem.

The beeswax food wrap is something I have seen for a couple years but hadn’t fully embraced yet.  I am still not sure how exactly these will keep everything sealed up but I am up for trying them this year.  I still have cling wrap but I’m looking forward to the swap and making beeswax the new habit.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  You can try these two swaps with me and see for yourself!  Don’t underestimate the little things; every sustainable change that each person makes does add up and makes a world of difference.

If you have ever thought about making your space a bit more ecofriendly but it seems like a daunting task just start by taking it one step at a time.  There is no race to any finish line.  Every change you make does make an impact.  Your changes are contagious; if you have little ones they will learn to live more eco-conscience, friends/family/co-workers will be curious and may try some things out themselves magnifying your impact.  Over time these swaps won’t seem so different and instead will become your new normal.  I still have a ways to go and it is exciting to think about the impact each little swap will make.

Make the Swap

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Previous Years Swaps

In time I would like to dive into previous years ecofriendly swaps but for now here is the list.  Feels good to look back and see the progress we have made and realize that it does add up!

  • 2003:  Slow Fashion, buying secondhand and/or timeless clothing, Sell clothing though a thrift store or donate to charity
  • 2004:  No more one-time use water bottles 
  • 2005:  Public Transportation
  • 2006:  Bring lunch to work and reduce the amount of takeout food and packaging consumed
  • 2007:  Switched to Online Bill Pay and Paperless Bills
  • 2008:  Save for Quality Purchases instead of Instant Gratification
  • 2009:  Purchased workout wear made from recycled materials
  • 2010:  Reusable Baking Sheets and Muffin Liners
  • 2011:  Don’t buy into sales traps!  Only buy something if you need it and will use it more than once.  Gifts with purchase usually sit in a drawer so don’t buy any more.
  • 2012:  Donate extra blankets and towels to the Humane Society
  • 2013:  Furnished a house second hand or with sustainably sourced items, Reusable Grocery Bags
  • 2014:  Swap Plastic Water Bottles and Tupperware for Glass
  • 2015:  Rain Barrel, Raised Garden with Herbs and Veggies, Composting
  • 2016:  Low Impact Wedding, Cast Iron Skillets, Paper Straws
  • 2017:  Plant Based Diet, Organic Foods, Avocado Bed, Uplift Desk
  • 2018:  Beauty and Cleaning Products Purge, Natural Air Purifying Bags, Wood and Recycled Plastic Dish Brush, Minimalist Maternity Wardrobe
  • 2019:  Beauty and Cleaning Products Purge continued, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Low Impact Baby Nursery, Reusable Bamboo Towels, Elimination Communication, Buying food items in recyclable/reusable containers
  • 2020:  Reusable Produce Bags, Beeswax Food Wrap

*BONUS to work on this year is to figure out where to recycle old, worn clothing and shoes* I have an idea but it is not fully vetted yet!

Enjoy the journey and spread the love!

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